mendacious words

and filthy little things

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abbie hoffman, activism, alcohol, art, artist, being polite, body mods, books, cartoons, cd, chocolate, comics, cooking, downloading, drawing, equality, everything, flowers, friends, gore, guitars, individuality, insects, kindness, learning, manga, men, movies, music, my daughter, nothing, painting, people that don't suck, people with passion, pinups, reading, rem, scary movies, snow, stuff that's not boring, summers, surfing, tattoos, the cure, the smiths, the vandals, thrice, u2, whatever.., zombies
I am full of passion, it is very much a virtue and a vice for me. The only thing that keeps me going in this world are my family and my art. I am a mother, daughter, wife, heathen, sinner, human, zombie, alien, flawed, a muse, I am everything and I am nothing. I see only beauty.